Projects & Process

Project Downtown included seven individual yet interrelated projects.Together, these project will carry out the visions of the Master Plan to enhance downtown gems, to build people-centric space, to activate public spaces, to magnify downtown core, to encourage entrepreneurship, and to catalyze leadership throughout the process. These projects included:

  • Main St

  • Paradise St

  • Pine St

  • Grand Ave

  • Olsen St

  • Pine Street Plaza

  • High Street Plaza

Learn more about the each project and provide input with the below Project Downtown Pullman Storybook.


Explore the Projects

Pullman Downtown Google Map_edits.jpg

Main Street

Main street_google map.jpg

Paradise Street

Paradise St_google map.jpg

Pine Street

Pine St_google map.jpg

Grand Avenue

Grand Ave_google map.jpg

Olsen Street

Olsen St_google map.jpg

High Street Plaza

High St Plaza.jpg

Pine Street Plaza

Pine Street Plaza.jpg