What is Project Downtown Pullman?

Project Downtown is a multi-year City-led effort to reshape Downtown Pullman’s streets and public spaces to build community, experiences, and economy. Project Downtown includes projects identified in the Downtown Master Plan and the first phase of the project will establish project priorities.

How will Project Downtown Pullman impact downtown businesses, residences, or properties?

The goal of Project Downtown Pullman is to make long-term improvements to streetscape and public spaces that foster a thriving community and downtown economy. With wider sidewalks, businesses can offer outdoor seating and sidewalk sales without impeding pedestrians. Enhanced public spaces will create opportunities for gatherings, while improved wayfinding signage will help everyone discover downtown’s fantastic amenities.

Any construction project is disruptive to impacted businesses, residents, and community members. The City of Pullman, the Downtown Pullman Association, and the Pullman Chamber of Commerce are committed to working with businesses to mitigate the impact of construction.

Who is involved in Project Downtown Pullman?

The City of Pullman hired Welch-Comer Engineers to lead phase one of Project Downtown Pullman. To guide Welch-Comer, the City of Pullman appointed a Steering Committee of eight community members who own business or property in downtown Pullman. The Steering Committee also includes representatives from the Downtown Pullman Association and the Pullman City Council.

How can I be involved in Project Downtown Pullman?

The community is invited to provide comment about the conceptual designs, and associated costs, impacts, and benefits, by viewing the Project Downtown Pullman Storybook at The interactive storybook includes a feature that allows community members to leave a comment on the digital pages. Paper copies of the story book and comment cards will also be available at City Hall—190 SE Crestview Street, Building A, Pullman, WA, 99163. Interested community members are invited to sign up at to receive ongoing communication about Project Downtown Pullman.

When will decisions be made about which projects are prioritized for construction?

and potential cost estimates for projects and, after hearing public comment, provide direction on which designs should be further refined for cost estimating. The Pullman City Council is expected to select which improvements should be constructed during their Council Meeting on August 9, 2022.

Where can I find more information about Project Downtown Pullman?

Information about Project Downtown Pullman, including an extensive booklet providing the benefits and tradeoffs of concept designs, is available online, at

If you have questions, contact Matt Young, Communications Coordinator for the City of Pullman, at